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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stoney's Gifts to open second location at St Simons Island, Georgia

Stoney's Gifts plans to open "All Things Princess & Fairy" at 123 Pier Village Market on St Simons Island. The new venue is slated to open

March 1, 2011

Shop Manager, Melissa and Shop Owner, Stoney

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Twenty years ago . . . . .

I had no idea the treat that was in store for me when, with a group of my female friends, we left Atlanta for a long weekend at St. Simons Island on the Georgia coast. Crossing the causeway, as we drove on to the island, I began to feel the magic of this island. For me, it was like a spiritual encounter. Twenty years later, crossing that causeway still brings tears to my eyes over the beauty of the place.
From the day I stepped foot on the island of St. Simons, I dreamed of some day owning a piece of island property. That was a big dream for me with my limited resources but then as you know, I am a dreamer and prefer to dream BIG!

Funny how things happen - something that looks like a dreadful event comes up with a silver lining! In 1999, my car was hit by a semi on Interstate 75 on the bridge between Cincinnati and my home in Covington, Kentucky. My injuries were serious enough that I received a small settlement which was enough for a down payment for my little St. Simons Island condo.

My condo is available for rent except for the several weeks I spend there every winter. If you are interested, please contact me at

My Dancing Lady, the Shrimp Boat

One of the many shrimp boats you can see just off shore. I call them my dancing ladies - their long arms lifting the nets, remind me of a victorian lady holding up her skirts. Okay - so I get a little nutty about 'my island' - please indulge me.

St Simons Island Lighthouse (view from the pier)

From the end of the fishing pier, looking back at the island, the St. Simons Island Lighthouse is one of only five surviving light towers in Georgia. It is still operational and casts its light as far as 18 miles out to sea. The lighthouse is open to tourists.
The brown house with the double porches to the left of the lighthouse is the house we rented 20 years ago and remains for me the scene where my love affair with the island began.

Sunsets at St Simons Island

Every nite at sunset time, I feel a magnetic, irresistible tugging to trudge on down to the pier where with a group of silent, awestruck, appreciative sunset lovers, we watch those last golden strands of sunlight fade across the sand and water. The only sound you hear is the screeching of the gulls and the lap of the water. It is MAGICAL!

St Simons Trees

'My Magic Tree'. The great water oaks, spanish moss, resurrection ferns, and all the fabulous flora combine to create a paradise!

The Marshes

First you see the marshes as you cross the causeway. Of course, my favorite blue heron is always there to welcome me back to 'my island'. One of the things I love about St. Simons is there's so much more than just the beach! The marshes, the wooded areas, the bicycle trails, the residential neighborhoods, the fishing pier, it's all great!

The Club House at Ocean Walk

This is the clubhouse at Ocean Walk where my condo is located. Ocean Walk is 6/10 of a mile from the fishing pier and the village shops. There are two pools, tennis courts and a little lake where one can feed the 'duckies'. There is a fitness room in the club house.time.

The Dining Room

The Bedroom

The Kitchen

The Living Room

The deck